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Being Blonde| It's All About the Purple Haze

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So a few people had requested via my social channels a haircare routine, and being the genie that I am, I made that happen. Unfortunately, no real magic is involved in this routine (although I really wish there was), but on the flipside this means that its steps and products are accessible to just about anyone who has recently crossed over to the Blondtourage. Press play for the rundown.

Oh, but before I wrap this post up let me address the inevitable question: Why did you go blonde?

The truth? 

I've wanted to have blonde hair since I was in junior high ( I've wanted pink probably just a little less longer ), and I'll be the first to state and affirm that I am not jumping on a bandwagon, train, or any speeding form of transportation headed for the trend graveyard.

Why didn't I do it back then?

There is no way that I was capable of maintaining or caring for my hair at the level I do now as a pre-teen. I mean if you are still getting the hang of personal hygiene, you should probably wait things out. 

Fast forward to being a young adult.

Dying your hair is a big deal for some, and as natural as changing underwear to others. I am not the latter.

I started dying my hair at 16 and have since been everywhere on the color spectrum. On the blonde journey It took me about three years of progressive highlighting, toning, regrets, hesitation and second thoughts to get my strands to this level of sunshine. I hovered in that confused overly highlighted/light brown territory for a good year and a half before I met an amazing colorist on set for a project who took my hair under her wings and has healed the damage done by previous hands and gently, and much more naturally (hey Aveeda dye), transitioned my hair to the color it is now.

I see countless people do the overnight blonde which frightens me to be completely honest. I could never, and would never do a process so harsh so quickly. No break-up could drive me to alter my hair so extremely. We may be over but I'd still like to maintain the integrity of my follicles as I go forth into the world single. My one exception for overnight color would be for a movie in which I get to rock leather and kick a lot of ass. I think you get the point. 

But I also commend the very real bravery it takes to risk it all hairwise--quite literally. 

One thing is for certain, the process of dying over the years has made me intensely aware of the health of my scalp, head, and the future of the hair that I have attached to it. So when people assume that my color choice is something done on a whim or to be a part of a fleeting fashion I'd instantly like to roll out my color dying trajectory...but I don't and I wont. What I will say is that dyed hair is a job in itself, and I don't sign up for things I don't think I qualify for or If I feel up to the list of demands it will entail. A year later I think I've got the hang of things--this video is the product of that hair confidence.


**SPOILER** The key to well maintained blonde involves a lot of Purple/Violet.

Replay + Rewind| The Things I Am Currently Digging


Finding out what's inspiring to someone is always interesting to me because chances are all those bits and pieces shape up to the bigger picture of who they are. So here's a window into MY WORLD. These are my CURRENT FAVORITES + INSPIRATIONS that are on replay and rewind.

There is a sea of content out there, but these are my current faves. 


 Anything reminiscent of the early 90s is a win for me. This TA-HA feature covers every base of nostalgia I want coming from the decade.


Honestly the most unique and beautiful cover of this (dare I say) OVER COVERED track. It also came out on my birthday so I'm going to pretend it's that much more special.


This short film touching on social media (and dare I say the validation that comes from being relevant through it ) really hits home with everything that is our generation. For me this film brought up two questions: What's the value of a "like" and what's the value in 2015 of an "influential/aspirational" person outside of a world driven by retweets? Still pondering. If only everyone watched this one...



#GRWM: Get Ready With Me| Concert Night Out


If you aren't familiar with the world of YouTube, let me get you up to speed. A GRWM does not stand for grown woman contrary to popular thought... but for "Get Ready With Me". Whodduthunk? Plus- It's an even simpler premise. In a video, share how you get ready for an event (whether it be girls night out or for the daily grind). I chose a concert night out because thats just what music junkies do. Watch my first stab at the #GRWM below:

You can also find out how that concert went in my first episode of what I promise is a weekly vlog series here (fast forward to around 4:36 for the clips).

Meeting Friedia| The DIY Queen of Your Dreams


I stumbled on Friedia via Space 1520's Instagram account that then led me to a feed of DIY heaven. More importantly DIY glitter chocolate.


That is a sentence I never thought I would say and actually be referring to something tangible and based in 100% reality. Yes I can have my glitter, and eat it too.

Fast forward a week or so and I reach out to Friedia with idea of collabing for my web series #EastMeetsMorgan on ISA TV. She says yes and here we are. The result: A combination of extra quirky, detailing of to never be forgotten items eaten on a Japanese game show, and a DIY that could have fit in right on Tumblr or in an episode of The Simpsons. Oh... and not to mention a new friend in the digital space. Press play for a a low calorie donut statement DIY and some candid convo with a creator I personally admire for doing things her own way.


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I am surrounded by amazing talented young women pursuing their passions 110% and are open enough to share their up's and downs. Unfiltered. Press play for a 1:1 convo with me and some of my favorite females about dreams, failures, success, and what it means to be your own "Queen".

Maria is a beautiful Latin American talent who I met through our manager...her energy is contagious don't you agree? If your a girl, making art, creating, or just breathing (everyone reading this) than you should def press play. 



I love lookbooks (let's just get that out of the way) and naturally I have been plotting when I would put one up on my channel to share my personal style. Enter: Alex Kim Kenealy. A super rad camera queen who is able to make my Sofia Coppola dreams come true on film and who just so happens to be very keen on crafting lookbooks. World works in mysterious ways.

We first met to shoot a few photos together and ended up really hitting it off. Fast forward a few weeks and we've collabed to create my latest video...the spring lookbook. 

So is this a video showing trends? Not really. It's a lookbook consisting of my personal style and what I would wear on any given day this spring. When dressing I'm always inclined to reach for whimsical feminine looks and chase it with some glam rock n' roll edge...sometimes the reverse. A low maintenance dreamer that's got a heart of rebellion and a taste for glamour. Hence the name of the lookbook: Rebel Dreamer

I hope you enjoy this lookbook as much as I did working on it. Welcome to spring...a slow dreamlike awakening to warmer days, wild nights, and plenty of time to soak it all in.



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Not a "trendy" girl but definitely willing to incorporate a popular style if it's calling my name. Case in point: FRINGE. Really can't get enough of it. Makes me feel like i'm four and I can frun around in a field pretending that I'm at woodstock. I took things a little further by showing you the "3 DEGREES" of FRINGE. Aka three levels of style adventurousness for pretty much every girl. Enjoy!