GALORE Magazine Editorial + My Fave Beauty Tips feat MILK MAKEUP

Very excited to share this new editorial + interview I did for GALORE magazine that we shot in the fabulously over the top Madonna Inn.

The concept was 1960s femme meets the irreverence of a glam rockstar and I think the team nailed it. Check out the full story + interview here: Switch Up Your Beauty Regimen With Morgan Lynzi's Pro Tips - Galore



Winter Favorites: From Big LOVE to Bomber Jackets

I can not believe (like everyone else) how quickly the Winter season has come and hightailed itself out of the area.

I am beyond grateful for how the season was for me, but also feel just slightly bad about not doing a video sharing all that i've been into January-March. So here is that video! Press play for a light ramble on all things from enlightenment to face cream.

California Dreams: Part 1

I've somehow made it through summer without once needing to be in swimwear. I'll pause for that sentence. 

***Slow blinking and dry stares at California near perfect weather native***

So this past weekend I set out to start the end of summer strong by wearing nothing but, and doing things deemed bikini appropriate. I tried to longboard (not as easy as an airboard), hung out in Venice doing what you should always do while in Venice (not much of anything but chillllllaaxxxx), and explored my next-to-real life Uncle's beautiful home nearby. As proof that this did indeed happened Alex Kim Kenealy captured all of it. Three different swim ready combo's, three different doses of Venice lifestyle, and a whole lot of quintessential California beach girl vibes.  Here is the Part 1 of my adventures in nothing but some of the comfiest two pieces I've ever run around in the sun in by Giejo.

Swimwear by Giejo | Shoes by Keds

Swimwear by Giejo | Shoes by Keds


Bringing Back baby

I've definitely reverted back to some of the same attire that I once wore in elementary school. We're talking overalls, tiny skirts, and oversized denim. I've also narrowed the reasoning for this down to being any of the following: a) it's hotter than ever and kids are irreverent about anything unless it's being comfortable, so I'm taking notes (are we not all in agreement global warming is real yet?)b) #babycore is officially a thing, c) I'm just trying to  live out my traits as the child of the zodiac (aries that is- and yes i'm into that stuff), d) this is a response to I immediately get positioned as the one to "baby" in all social situations...even if I am the sassy one. Call me Baby Spice. Whatever the case may be, this look is the epitome of this. Now all I need is one of those "Daddy" or "Babygirl" shirts that have taken over. All kicks and giggles aside, I really love the nod to nostalgia in what people wear, even if that does mean every third human being is wearing a 90's esque get-up.

TREES 3.jpg