I have been in love with cultivating my own style since as young as I can remember. My earliest inspirations were Picasso and Dali. As I hit elementary and middle school I was soaking up Pucci, elaborate classic film costumes, styles from the streets of Harajuku and more. The result: an unpredictable mish mash of self expression. A desire to rebel without reason even in the most subtle sense. It's in my blood baby.

Case in point: Metallics.

Now somewhere someone decided they should never be mixed (gold and silver metals that is). WELL my skin naturally comes equipped with golden/yellow undertones and given the right lighting, glitter, shimmer, and bronzer I'd like to think of myself as a functional metallic. A golden girl. Take this seriously or not. I really do.


So by virtue of color tones I essentially get to say "whatever forever" to  this style "rule" each time I wear silver. So here is an example of my steady rebellion through the threads I wear and at best captured by camera (or at least an Instagram selfie). 

Lesson of the day... Mix your metals whenever you want.

Literally and figuratively.